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what we do

SBP is focused on promoting a policy, regulatory and operating environment that supports business growth. We also design and implement business development solutions. In this context we have a wealth of experience in facilitating strategic partnerships. 

We work with a wide range of partners and clients, from large corporates to small businesses, organised business associations, national governments and government agencies, and international donor agencies.

Our work covers a number of distinct but inter-related areas:

  • Baseline research and intelligence
  • Better regulation projects - our 'cutting red tape' projects and regulatory impact assessment
  • Enabling environments for business - including design of the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF)
  • Enterprise development - business linkages and SME development
  • Programme evaluations and impact assessments

SBP's flagship project the SME Growth Index is geared towards establishing a solid evidence-based understanding of South Africa's SMEs.  The largest, most comprehensive study of the SME community ever undertaken in South Africa.  The data that has been assembled over the course of the study provides an unparalleled resource for understanding the lived dynamics of South Africa's SMEs.  For more details please visit the dedicated website for the SME Growth Index


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About Us

What We Do | Our History | Who We Work With | The Board
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