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Business Day - 26 August 2016


Seta system hurts small business, tax panel warns







Triple your Bs, Double your Es and bring your A game

Mail & Guardian 27 February - 5 March 2015

How does BBBEE actually impact small to medium sized enterprises in SA?



Jobs: Pushed to the wall

Financial Mail - 20 November 2014

Over the five years to 2013, small firms in SA have shed over 1m jobs.  Most of these have been lower-paying jobs occupied by young people.


New policies 'should make it easier' for job creation in South Africa

Business Day - 14 November 2014

SA's new immigraton regulations as well as black empowerment regulations should make it easy for small companies to create jobs and contribute to the economy, American Chamber of Commerce board member Tim Schweikdert said yesterday

His comments support a recent report by the Johannesburg-based business environment specialists Small Business Project (SBP), which showed that small firms spent an average of eight working days a month dealing wth red tape.  The  report identifies taxes, labour and BEE issues as the most time-consuming factors.

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Regulations rob small businesses of one week every month, says report

Business Day Live- 11 November 2014

Reducing red tape will increase SMEs competitiveness, says new report

The findings are in the November small business report titled "Examining the challenges facing small businesses in SA", by Johannsburg-based business environment specialists SBP.

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Red Tape costing SMEs

A recent survey conducted by the Small Business Project (SBP) entitled Examining  the Challenges facing Small Businesses in South Africa indicated that SMEs lose out on a week's worth of income per month while trying to sort out red tape or comply with regulations.

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Business Day, 10 November 2014 - Minister hopes small firms will create jobs

Five months after the creation of the Small Busness Deveopment Ministry, touted as a solution to SA's unemployment problem, its effect is yet to be felt. 

Statistics SA says 24,1% of South Africans are unemployed.  The situation has been the catalyst for many people to venture into entrepreneurship. 

The National Development Plan (NDP) envisages that SMEs will create 90% of the 11 million new jobs the government says can be created by 2030.

However, the broad impession of the business environment held by respondents to the February SME Growth Index was not positive - 71% said that it became harder to operatea business in SA last year.  Only 9% said it had become easier.



516 K

Machines are willing workers at Sacks Nougat Factory

Sunday Times - Business Times 2 March

Business Day 3 March

All is not well at the bottom end of the business chain, despite the fact that the National Development Plan identifies this part of the economy as the best guarantor of growth and jobs.  Sales are now starting to recover, but job growth remains stubbornly low.

In an auditorium at the Johanneburg Zoo, Neil Rankin, a Stellenbosch professor, reels off statistics that explain the "jobless growth" problem besetting small business in the country.

He is presenting the annual growth index for small businesses compiled by the SBP

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What the Budget means for SMEs

Politicsweb - 27 February

Chris Darroll says while broad policy direction of budget is commendable, it falls short on some critical points -


Small firms still battling red tape, skills shortages, survey shows

Business Day Online - 21 February 2014

Small firms continue to battle tangle of red tape and severe skills shortages, which are hampering their ability to grow and create jobs, newly released survey finds

The full article can be read via the link below -


SBP's CEO Chris Darroll discusses findings of 2013 SME Growth Index - Are small firms alive and kicking or just kicking?

Business Day TV - 20 February 2014

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The truth about 'jobless growth'

Sunday Times - Business Times, 24 November 2013

Everyone agrees that the biggest challenge facing South Africa is joblessness.  This is usually put down to years of "jobless growth" during which the economy has improved, but the unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high at 25%.

The full article can be read by following the link below:



Tragedy and farce of SA's red-tape explosion

Business Day - 12 September 2013

Worldwide best practice holds that business fares best in a clear, navigable regulatory framework.  In this respect SA seems perversely intent on discouraging business.  Red Tape is not a peripheral concern.  According to our SME Growth Index, the average small enterprise is spending about 4% of its turnover on compliance with regulatory demands.



SBP's SME Growth Index featured on CNBC Africa

The importance of an enabling environment for SMEs in South Africa was highlighted when CNBC Africa featured SBP's SME Growth Index on their programme flighted in June 2013.

To view the multimedia clip please click on the link below:


Charting a new path for small business prosperity

Business Day - 31 July 2013

If SA wants small businesses to generate the jobs it desperately needs, it needs to get serious about setting in order the administrative, educational and social systems that will make this possible.


Small Business & Entrepreneurship - Obstacle Course

Financial Mail - 13 June 2013

The growth and survival rates of small businesses, which are meant to help create jobs, have been dismal in spite of numerous support programmes.  This cover story in the Financial Mail examines where the pitfalls are and what SA needs to do to avoid them.


Half-hatched law lays hawkers low

Mail & Guardian Business May 3 to 9 2013

Proposed Licencing Business Bill 2013

Critics take issue with an 'unworkable' plan to licence even the smallest of businesses.

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SMEs: An endangered species

Moneyweb  CitiBusiness

The Citizen: Friday, 22 February 2013

UP TO 6% Turnover spent on red tape.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are finding it difficult to prosper and have increasingly reverted to survival mode over the last year.

According to SBP's SME Growth Index released yesterday, of the 500 SMEs interviewed, 74% stated that the environment that they operate in has become more challenging.  Only 7% of SMEs felt that it was easier to operate in South Africa.

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'Heavy red tape' hinders small business

Red Tape and rising administered prices have rendered SA hostile to small business.  This emerged during the second round of the SME (small and medium enterprise) Growth Index released yesterday by business environment company SBP

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Labour law changes "will shed jobs"

Mail & Guardian Business July  27 - August 2 2012

Business warns that the proposed amendments will increase the cost of employment significantly.

Despite being bound up in negotiations for months, the proposed changes to a raft of South Africa's labour laws are still receiving fierce opposition from business, which warned of drastic potential job losses if key amendment Bills go ahead. 

According to the SBP's regulatory impact assessment, these provisions "will increase the costs of employment".  It argued that wage-employment elasticity was estimated at 0.7%.  In other words, an increase in the the cost of hiring workers, such as wages and benefits, of 1% is likely to imply a decrease of 0.7% in employment.  Given these assumptions, it estimated that at the "very minimum, 215 150 jobs will be lost as a direct consequence of this amendment"

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"Thousands will be kicked out"


The "least-worse-case" scenario would be a loss of about 285 000 jobs, according to research carried out by SBP, an independent research company

Regulations must be streamlined to promote business

Red Tape regulations cost the economy R79 billion a year.  At least that was the case in 2004, when the government launched a pilot project on regulatory impact assessments for new regulations.

For small business the impact is worse, largely because they do not have full-time compliance departments.  Estimates show compliance costs of 0.2% on average for big business, verus 8.3% for small and medium-sized enterprises.  This was underscored by SBP's SME Centre report (SME Growth Index) in November last year, which surveyed the impact of regulatory requirements of 500 SMEs. 

To read the full article click on the link below

SME Growth Index - Headline Results 2011

Last year SBP published the first round of its longitudinal SME Growth Index.  This is an unprecedented study into South Africa's  small business sector.  This year, SBP will be conducting the second.  It will be the definitive account of the country's SME sector: over an initial period of three years, the Growth Index will track the lives and travails of a panel of 500 firms in the manufacturing, business services and tourism sectors in the three major cities.  The study has received considerable media attention.  For more information please visit the dedicated website

Below is a selection of articles on the survey:

Business Day - 24 May 2012 - Factory sector's decline can be reversed

Business Report

Business Live



Kleinsake bied oplossing


Finweek January 2012


1.1 M

Tshikululu's Challenging Change programme on Radio Today - 26 September 2011

The link below is to a podcast of an interview on Tshikululu's "Challenging Change" programme which was broadcast on Radio Today on 26 September. The interview between Tshikululu's Paul Pereira and SBP's Chief Executive, Chris Darroll was in advance of the GIBS and Tshikululu Serious Enterprise Development Workshop.  Chris has been invited to present at the workshop on the topic "exploring and exploding the myths of enterprise development work".

"Exploding the myths of enterprise development"

Title:Challenging Change - Monday 26
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Malawi Govt reviews SME policy - The Nation, 2 September 2011


The Government of Malawi has, through support from the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation, recently commissioned SBP to provide technical assistance to develop a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Policy and Strategy to improve MSME competitiveness and contribute to the country's economic growth in line with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) and Malawi's Private Sector Development Strategy.

Index to help small business grow


Business Report - 14 April 2011

SA needs more business gazelles


TNA Business - 14 April 2011

On my Mind

Feature Article - On My Mind

The core objective of promoting young entrepreneurs requires a diverse array of approaches. Can the youth agency be the catalyst?



Financial Mail July 31, 2009

1.0 M

State has failed to assist small players

The government has made little impact in assisting small business, despite investing in a number of initiatives in the past 15 years to support the sector, according to a report by business environment specialists, SBP.




Business Day 22 September 2009

104 K

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